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Report of Oversea Clerkship Program in Osaka City University

Clinical Training report

Chia-Ling Tsai
China Medical University
13th April 2016~
Elective period

Photo album

Cardiovascular Surgery

There were no fifth grade students in Cardiovascular Surgery during my course, so most of the time,I discussed with the teachers and young residents directly. All the doctors were all very kind and patient. During these two weeks, I went to the operation room 1 every day and had the chance to scrub two times. I observed the operation of coronary artery bypass graft, mitral valve repair and replacement, aortic valve replacement, aortic arch replacement and abdominal aorta replacement.
Two of the mitral valve repair were robot-assisted.

Professor Shibata used English in the morning meeting to explain what they were discussing to me.
During surgery, no matter he scrubbed or not, he would explain to me in details by drawing.
Moreover, I would never forget the moment that he let me scrub and touch the beating heart. It’snot about knowledge, but about the passion and love for life and cardiovascular surgery.
Many times when I was confused about the surgery and all the doctors were busy on the table,resident 土井 came into the operation room coincidently. We discussed the reason of every steps.
It was very happy to be enlightened all of a sudden. We also discussed about the difference of the medical system and life between Japan and Taiwan. He was so amiable that we can talked freely, just like friends.
Doctor 高橋, 藤井, 森崎, 岸本, 住井and all the other doctors in Cardiovascular Surgery really taught me a lot. I had a very good experience in Cardiovascular surgery in this hospital, and I think it was an excellent beginning of my Cardiovascular surgery learning.
Doctors in Cardiovascular Surgery Professor Shibata is In the middle of the second row. Doctor 岸本(right), me(middle), and doctor高橋(left)

Orthopedic Surgery

The life in Orthopedic Surgery was totally different from that in Cardiovascular Surgery. It was very rich and diverse. I enjoyed both of them. I met five easy-going and nice fifth grade students in Orthopedic Surgery. They were Mei, Risa, Shu, Fuji and Masato. I learned some Japanese culture and words from them, and sharing Taiwanese culture and words with them at the same time. We had a good time participating in class together and hang out together.
Arthroscopy training Hang out for lunch together
There was a variety of class including lecture and skill training in Orthopedic Surgery. The most impressing is the lumbar puncture training and arthroscopy training. We didn’t have that kind of classes in my school. Many teachers changed the lecture into English for me. I was very thankful and felt well-treated. Overall, the classes of Orthopedic Surgery was almost perfect for me because I could learn some basic and useful medical knowledge from lecture, and learn some practical skills from training.
Lumbar puncture training Cast training Ultrasound training
Orthopedic Surgery was divided into sevent teams, including shoulder, hand, joint, sport, spine,tumor and rheumatoid arthritis. I chose shoulder because I played volley ball in my school and it was easy for some of my teammates to get hurt in the shoulder. I had the chance to scrub and participate in the operation three times. Two of them were the surgeries of the patients I presented in the morning meeting. I learn a lot from discussing the cases with Doctor Manaka face to face before presentation, and participating in the operation of the same cases.
Doctor Manaka(left), Resident 宅間(right) Doctors in the shoulder team
resentation in the morning meeting was also a good learning experience for me. Resident 柴田 in the hand group would use fluent English to present without looking at his sheet. Therefore, I also tried to present without looking at my sheet on the next week. It was a good training for me.

On July 5th, there was a Orthopedics seminar at Harukas in the evening. I was invited by the doctors,and Mei went with me to the seminar. During the seminar, doctor from Osaka City University Hospital and doctor from Keio University each presented a topic. Althought it was in Japanese, I could still understand part of it from the Chinese character on the powerpoint. There was a banquet after the seminar, and we met many doctors and residents who had taught us. It was a very special experience for me.
Professor 中村 Mei(right) and teacher in the spine group(middle) Resident 柴田(right)
I had a very memorable four weeks here. The environment for learning and for living were very comfortable, and I was really appreciate to everyone I met here. I hope in the future, I could have a chance to come and meet the people in this hospital again. I love Osaka!